October 2011
October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month
, Breast Care Kuwait Group will conduct several activities in order to raise breast awareness and relay again early detection message throughout the media;

22th November 2010
Opening Ceremony
With immense pleasure we announce the Opening ceremony of Noor Imaging Clinic, which will be commence at Marina Hotel invitaion

Breast Care
3d view
3d view

Welcome to Dr. Nour Al Huda Karmani Imaging Clinic.

With early detection and improved treatments more women are surviving breast cancer. Today, women have more treatment options than ever before. Whether you're worried about family history or previous cancers or just have that nagging feeling about your risk for cancer, Dr. Nour can help!

There are new and powerful options available today to detect and fight breast cancer. From advanced diagnostics and non-surgical treatment to leading-edge surgical treatment and counseling, at Dr. Nour you'll have access to a combination of technology and expertise that's unmatched elsewhere. She will work and consult with your primary physician at all times to discuss and present to you the best options available for your situation.

The most important factor is catching cancer early, when it is most treatable. Selecting the best physician is only one part of our commitment to quality.

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