October 2011
October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month
, Breast Care Kuwait Group will conduct several activities in order to raise breast awareness and relay again early detection message throughout the media;

22th November 2010
Opening Ceremony
With immense pleasure we announce the Opening ceremony of Noor Imaging Clinic, which will be commence at Marina Hotel invitaion

Breast Care
3d view
3d view
Mammography (GE Senograph essential)

Mammography (GE Senograph essential)

GE Senographe Essential is a breakthrough (Full Field Digital Mammography) technology in breast imaging that provides the essential high quality accurate detection, maintaining ultimate patient comfort, this efficient technology will increase the workflow and makes faster throughput a reality in a specialized breast imaging clinic.

The innovative advantage workstation provides various viewing options and zooming to assess the acquired images, the workstation is connected to the RIS/PACS system. The system provides upright and prone streotactic biopsy options.

Mammography (GE Senograph essential)


All ultrasound exams will be performed at the clinic, with attention to highly specialized breast ultrasound & ultrasound guided biopsy technique.

Interventional cutting edge technology

Utilizing all imaging modalities guidance to perform biopsies for the early detected finding, and providing all the wire localization and clip placements in masses detected to ease the treatment procedures for surgeons, and oncologist. The interventional vacuum assisted technology will be utilized in both biopsies & excision of benign breast conditions.

Digital Archiving & Reporting RIS/PACS System

All our modalities are connected to RIS/PACS system to ensure protecting electronic patient data, and timely follow-ups and monitoring as well as coordination with your referring physician, this service will provide electronic double reading and consultation for the referring physicians from local location in state of Kuwait, gulf region, middle east and any other remote location.

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