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October 2011
October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month
, Breast Care Kuwait Group will conduct several activities in order to raise breast awareness and relay again early detection message throughout the media;

22th November 2010
Opening Ceremony
With immense pleasure we announce the Opening ceremony of Noor Imaging Clinic, which will be commence at Marina Hotel invitaion

Breast Care
3d view
3d view

About UsDr. Karmani's Imaging Clinic offers quality, compassionate breast imaging services to women in the State of Kuwait. The clinic employs the integration of effective, cutting-edge procedures, such as biopsies to be provided for the first time in Kuwait at a private clinic, with state-of-the-art equipment to produce optimum medical and lifestyle outcomes to our patients. The clinic provides world-class, innovative imaging services in a friendly, compassionate, community-friendly environment that is conducive to patient recuperation in a family setting.

It is now possible to detect most breast cancers at a very early stage. With early detection and improved treatments more women are surviving breast cancer.Today, women have more treatment options than ever before.

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